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    Off Quotes & Market Closed (Monday-Friday) WHAT FOREX4YOU????


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    Off Quotes & Market Closed (Monday-Friday) WHAT FOREX4YOU???? Empty Off Quotes & Market Closed (Monday-Friday) WHAT FOREX4YOU????

    Post  francmorio on Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:48 am

    Always getting off quote and market close during open market. Even almost 10 years being in the market, they are still unreliable. Live chat with them they always told they will improve more better after this, but you have been in the market too long enough but still act like you are noob. Last month, I email them requested for help to close one of my order because my EA can't close it and I tried to close it manually also can't. They closed it for me after they received my email. Don't know how this can happen, they are few social trading available, and this is the only broker that i think can be used.

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