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    Can someone recommend me a good and reliable broker?


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    Can someone recommend me a good and reliable broker? Empty Can someone recommend me a good and reliable broker?

    Post  francmorio on Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:08 am

    Hello guys,

    Im a new user but i have been reading on baby pips since i decided to start trading forex 2-4 weeks ago.

    So i made a demo account and i managed to make 15% profit, so i decided to finally go live 🙂

    And i would like to get your advice for a good and reliable broker

    1.-Minimum deposit is not an issue since i plan to start with $1000 USD

    2.-I do not live in the US so i have no problems with that

    3.-It must be on the MT4 platform

    4.-It's preferable if it accepts PayPal/Skrill/Bitcoin (tough not needed)

    5.-It would be awesome if it had a good website design

    Also do you know if any broker works without giving ID?

    I know it's due to regulations but i don't really feel comfortable giving my ID to some broker, but if it's need and it's a really good broker, i will do it

    I have heard good things about freshforex, OANDA and Fxopen but i'm not so sure about them confused (Also FXopen website seems too cluttered)

    I also found Instaforex which accept a lot of withdrawal and deposit methods including bitcoin which is a big plus to me but they have a complete negative review

    Also, could someone explain what an ECN account is and it's benefits?

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